Wednesday 18 October 2017

Minimising My Wardrobe

Ahh clothes, my main downfall. I have always had a ton of clothes and yet nothing to wear. I literally have clothes spilling out of my wardrobe and drawers; even stuffed into two suitcases full time! Now I'm bump-free, I thought it was about time I went through my clothes and had a sort out. 

First thing I did was categorise and count them all. I have roughly 150 items of clothing, not even including the stuff in the wash at the time! I went through the whole lot, putting unwanted item straight into sacks and bags, and everything I wanted to keep went back into my drawers, wardrobe and suitcases. By the time I had finished I had two sackfuls and two shopping bags full! 

I managed to completely empty one drawer under my bed, three drawers in my chest, and switched some of my smaller clothes from my wardrobe/drawers into my suitcases. I'm going to use the next few months to make a note of what I do and don't wear, and then I will cull accordingly. I'm also hoping to get back to a size 10, at least, by Spring so I'll be able to get rid of my size 12 clothes! Ideally I'd like to get back down to a size 8; as a lot of my favourite clothes are that size. 

I'm hoping that this cull will mean that I wear more of the clothes currently in my wardrobe and drawers. Either that or I end up getting rid of a ton more because I haven't worn them. Eventually I want to have a capsule wardrobe full of items I actually love.

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