Sunday 22 October 2017

Bringing The Magic Back Into My Life

A few years ago I started learning about Wicca. I began blogging as a Wiccan and planned to blog about my practise but eventually, Wicca fizzled out of my life and I even took off my pentacle. I was looking at my witchy book collection recently and it got me thinking. I would really like to start practising again.
I also read this beautiful blog post by Holly, a Pagan, who shared how she practises magic in her daily life and it really inspired me. I never got to 'use' magic as such, but I haven't been feeling quite the same without it in my life. So as of today I'm going to be intently reading all of my books, and as many blog posts as I can find about magic in general and Wicca in particular. 

I also need to dig my pentacle out of hiding.

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