Wednesday 11 October 2017

Journaling and Counselling

Recently I read a post by Jemma where she'd started daily journaling. I used to enjoy writing a daily diary at school and thanks to her; decided to pick it up again. Although I didn't actually start until after my counselling session. 

I started counselling to talk about my traumatic birth/the aftermath and it actually brought on a lot of questions and thoughts I hadn't had previously, and as my next session isn't until later in the month, I needed somewhere to write these thoughts down. Boy did I write. The first two days I wrote three pages worth but I didn't feel any better for it. Ironically the counselling has brought on a lot of anxiety about my situation and I'm really struggling with it.

I'm hoping that the mixture of journaling and counselling will help me through it, and I'm going to book an appointment with a GP to discuss what actually happened and what I can expect now. Hopefully soon I can start journaling the good thoughts and not just the bad!

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  1. In time you will be able to see the benefits of counselling and the writing. At first you will feel weird and bring to you bad memories and experiences, but then you will get to that step when you can deal with them and learn from there. Been there and after over 1 year of counseling I feel so much better and a lot of changes happened.Just be patient and good luck.