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Hello October

Wow, October already huh? That has gone crazy fast; my baby boy is almost 3 months old already! Plus, I'm turning 22 at the end of the month. Feels like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st. I haven't kicked off the month with some goals for an extremely long time (partly because I suck, partly because I didn't think I'd have time with Charlie) but I decided to go for it this month. October is my month after all! 

Blog Every Day
Yep, that's right. I'm attempting Blogtober. I tried this last year on my old blog and if I remember correctly I managed 24 days out of 31. Not bad considering I decided to do it a week before October started! This time however, I've been prepping since July but only time will tell about how well I do! 

Complete an October Instagram Challenge 
Actually I should change that to my own instagram challenge. I couldn't find one that I thought I would be able to complete; so I created my own! Feel free to join me in my challenge using the hashtag #SimplySaphBlog. I left it unnumbered deliberately, so we can pick and choose which photo we do per day! 

I think I'll do a round-up post in November of some of my favourite photos from you so make sure to get involved!

Do Yoga Twice a Week 
In my last post I talked about wanting to lose weight and tone up and mentioned wanting to start yoga again. Well, no time like the present! I discovered this week that there's actually a new Parent and Baby Yoga class starting in my town tomorrow, so I'm going to give that a go and see how we like it! Otherwise I plan to do it at home using Yoga With Adriene on Youtube.

What are your goals for the month? Are you going to join in my instagram challenge?


  1. These are some really lovely goals! I hope that you enjoy the yoga and I might have to join you on the October photo challenge !! Xx

  2. Baby Charlie cannot be 3 months old already! Doesn't time fly. I'm glad you're getting back into regular blogging and I will try to join in your Insta challenge - although my photography skills are not great. Good luck with Blogtober and yoga - Charlie will be ace as babies are super flexible. 😊


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