Sunday 8 October 2017

My Bullet Journal Layout | July-October

In my last bullet journal post, I said that I didn't have many pages of my bujo left, and wasn't sure if I was going to make another one. Well, I did! I totally surprised myself by continuing to bullet journal throughout July - although I didn't really have much else to do to be honest!

I decided to get an unlined sketch book this time, as using a lined one was a bit of a pain sometimes, and I can't see myself getting on very well with a dotted or squared one to be honest. My favourite brand of sketch book is Windsor & Newton and it was about £5 for an A5 one at The Range. It's only 50 sheets though, and just by planning my layout from July-October, I'd basically filled it up! I want my third bullet journal to last me right through from January to December next year, so I either need to somehow find one of these sketchbooks with more pages; or lose a lot from my layout! But that will be another post...
For July I kept my layout fairly similar to Junes. I kept my habit tracker roughly the same, but I separated them into categories:

This made me feel a bit more organised but because I made them more squared this time; I wasn't able to fit as many on. So I'm a bit undecided about my feelings towards my habit trackers for July.

Next up was my blog schedule page. I kept it basically the same, but added a mini calendar so I could keep track of what needed to be posted on what days. I definitely prefer having the little calendar; I don't know why I didn't add it in sooner!

I kept my income/spending logs, and even added logs for my business. Obviously I kept Charlie's Fund log in, though his income was rather pitiful compared to previous months.

I changed my weekly layout only very slightly. I had one full page on the left for my weekly to do list, and then drew out enough space for 2-3 days on each page. This left me plenty of space to make notes, doodles, and use stickers, which was nice but took up so many pages! I did love using my Dorkface banner stickers for my headers though; it had been a while since I used stickers in my bujo! Although I'm gutted I've run out of those particular stickers.

I mostly loved July's layout; but of course I switched it up a bit more for the following months! I decided to completely drop my habit trackers for the rest of the year; I knew it would be difficult to get anything done with a newborn and oh boy, it really was. Even though he slept most of the time, I was too exhausted and/or in pain to do anything remotely useful right up until September, so not having habit trackers worked out for the best. I also got rid of my income/spending logs and just started the months with my posting schedule.

I also decided to switch my weekly spread to have the full week over two pages, with a space for my weekly To Do List at the beginning of each page. I kept this layout for August, September and October; and it works pretty well! 
To Do/Weekly Goals stickers from Dorkface
This months layout begins with a list of my goals for the month, a checklist/habit tracker for my insta challenge (I'm going to colour co-ordinate each box so I know what I posted on each day) and then my posting schedule takes up two pages, as I plan to post every day!

I haven't started on November and December yet. I may just do posting schedule pages for those months, rather than have a full spread for them. I'll have to see how many pages I have left once I'm done with my "filler" pages!

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