Tuesday 18 October 2022

How to get Cashback | UK Based

As you probably know, I'm always trying to find more ways to save money or get more money. Love that Cost of Living Crisis life! There are tons of blog posts out there but I always find they're American based, so I've been hunting around and put together a list of money savings sites that work for the UK - and worldwide!


Honey is my current favourite cashback site because it also gives you discount codes! I think I've blogged about it before but basically, if you add the Honey extension to your laptop or PC it will automatically run in the background while you shop, and will pop up with any discount codes that have been used recently. If the discount codes don't work, sometimes you can just earn cashback! I've earned Honey Gold from Currys, Boohoo, Superdrug, Vans and Booking.com. Admittedly it is quite slow-going, as I've had Honey for two years now and still haven't earned enough for my first £10 gift card yet (the cashback) but I have saved a fair bit with the discount codes. We saved an extra £40 off our bathroom suite which was already on sale! You can't really lose with Honey. There is also a Honey app but I haven't really figured out how it works yet. Here is my referral link if you'd like to give Honey a try.


I've actually been a member of Shopmium for ages but I've always forgotten to use it until recently! I checked it after a trip to ASDA one evening and saw that the box of Shreddies I'd bought for Charlie came under the £1 cashback offer! I was genuinely thrilled when I saw that. I took a picture of my receipt on the app, then scanned the barcode on the box of Shreddies and requested my £1 back. The only thing I would suggest with this one is maybe checking the app before you go shopping, as I scanned my receipt first and it said no offers were available on it, even though I knew it was! So I'd definitely recommend checking the app and adding any offers you're likely to buy to your favourites before you go shopping. Here's my referral code!


I've seen TopCashback around for ages but it was actually Josh's suggestion that made me go for it. You can shop through it by both app and chrome extension which is ideal for me, as I tend to do most of my shopping on my phone at night when I can't sleep but do like to use my laptop as much as possible.

Top Cashback recommends also joining Cashback but you have to complete 15 "levels" before you can cash out. some of the levels do require you having to spend your own money though so I chose to delete my account once I realised, especially as some of them included gambling and I'm really trying to avoid that at the minute! I did earn £1.25 just for checking it out though, so that was nice. Here is my referral code.


Quidco is basically the same as TopCashback and Honey. So far I've only earned £3 from shopping on screwfix and it took forever to come through. Not sure I rate it very highly but it's usually got a higher cashback percentage than TopCashback! Here is my referral code if you want to give it a try.

Although Honey is better in the sense you can get discount codes, I think TopCashback or Quidco is better in the long run as you do get cash rather than giftcards. I'd much rather have cash to put into a savings account or whatever, rather than a giftcard I can only spend in one place!

YouGov Surveys

I actually hate taking surveys but I like the YouGov ones because you can literally just put "neutral" or "not sure" for every answer and you still get your 50 points at the end of it. The only problem I find is that even though I have my preferences down as "as often as possible", I'm only cashing out the £50 once or twice a year. If you think you'd like to give it a go anyway, here is my referral code

Let me know if you decide to join any of these or share your own tips in the comments below!

Until next time,
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