Monday 31 October 2022

October Recap

It's Halloween/Samhain and I'm feeling ready for the witches' new year. It's been an interesting month. It's certainly dragged, I can say that much. I feel like I spent all of my time either at work or blogging. I enjoyed my birthday the other day, for the most part. I really enjoyed Black Adam, and my birthday meal was quite fun. Although I'm gutted everyone went home by half 8!

Take Vitamins
I didn't quite manage to take them daily but I was definitely taking them regularly! I'm actually quite pleased with myself for this one, though I didn't notice a difference in fatigue levels or anything. I think I need to try some new ones.

Less Time Online
Nope. Did not happen.

Theory Test Revision
This didn't happen either! But to be fair, I did have a lot going on with work, school and the house so I didn't even try to make time for revision. Although I do cringe when I think of all the revision I could have been doing instead of scrolling through twitter or tiktok!

Eat Better/Drinking Water
I didn't do particularly well with this either. I definitely increased my fruit intake, and I made myself a few veggie or vegan meals over the month but I still had too many takeaways and sweet or salty snacks. And fizz. Although I did make my way through a 2L bottle of Vimto quite well.

More Exercise
I planned to do more walking this month and I actually feel like I did the best with this one! I did walk to or from work quite a lot - one day I even walked both ways which is unheard for me! Unfortunately I seemed to gain weight this month - which doesn't suprise me at all considering how I've been eating.

I definitely did this one! I loved doing the 101 declutter week challenge.

Complete Blogtober
I did! Today marks 31 days of blogtober and 31 blog posts have been completed. I'm feeling very pleased with myself.

I also want to say a huge thank you to my October advertiser Sophie at This Brilliant Day! It's been a pleasure having you on my blog. 

Until next time,
Saph x

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