Friday 14 October 2022

Weekly Budget Recap | 3rd October-9th October

Following a call to HMRC, I received £500 in benefits which was amazing! I was a bit panicked about money this month due to buying the house so I was so relieved when they said I was eligible for working tax credits. Surprised - but relieved.

3rd October
First thing I did with the extra money was spend £14.36 on McDonald's breakfast. I always think it's a great idea until I see how much the delivery fee boosts the price up! I really need to stop.
I also paid off the £130.40 on my credit card.

4th October
The direct debits for my various insurances came out today. £77.52! I couldn't believe it when I saw all of that had come out.
I forgot to take food to work with me and ended up making another McDonalds order for dinner. I spent £15.88. I decided to uninstall the Uber Eats app after that.

5th October
I sent my colleague £10 to put towards two other colleagues birthdays.
I spent £78 in Screwfix on a wall sander and a pack of sanding discs for renovating the house. It's still bizarre to me that I have a Screwfix account now!
After school, Charlie convinced me to go to the corner shop and spent £7.29 on snacks.
Later that evening I also went to ASDA and spent another £73.96.

6th October
No spend.

7th October
No spend.

8th October
No spend.

9th October
I spent £5.99 for a subscription I forgot to cancel!
I also spent £20 on breakfast for myself and a colleague.

Total: £433.40

Until next time,
Saph x

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