Friday 28 October 2022

November Budget

It's pay day! I'm actually quite happy with myself for October, I still had £500 left in my current account by pay day which is a huge achievement for me! I was and I wasn't looking forward to this pay as I knew it wouldn't be brilliant and the reality of me having to pay real household bills this month had set in. So, lets start budgeting, shall we?

Income: £1337.93

In account £1847.93 (+£30 as a gift to use towards house decor)

Rent: £80
I'm kind of hoping that my MIL says I can pay less this month as I paid extra last month. We'll see.

Credit card: £208
I would have loved to pay off the full £408 this month but realistically, I think splitting it is best.

Insurances £78.31
Life insurance, critical illness insurance and income insurance. Absolutely vile that it's recommended to pay these once you buy a house.

Vodafone mobile bill: £26.13

Vodafone broadband: £30
I'm not 100% sure when I'll start paying for this as it hasn't been set up yet but I thought I best include it just in case!

Water Bill: £242.19
For some reason, my water bill appears to be coming out in one big lump sum rather than smaller monthly payments like I wanted. I'm going to wait until its gone out to confirm and then hopefully change it for next year.

Dunelm: £219 -£30 gift (£189)
I decided to buy a few bits for the house. Dunelm haul, anyone? Seems a bit silly now I think about it, we haven't even bought paint or a sofa yet and I'm buying finishing touches again. I decided against buying lamps though, so I've saved myself a bit of money for now.

Total left to spend: £994

Well. If my water bill really does come out all at once, I'm absolutely dreading trying to live on less than a grand this month. I'm definitely feeling so grateful that I saved up for Christmas this year, though I wish I had saved more because I have already spent half my budget and haven't really bought much.

Wish me luck,
Saph x

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