Monday 17 October 2022

My 27th Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday this month! I'll be 27, which I think is absolutely vile. Thankfully, I always get told I only look about 20, which is hilarious to me because I really feel like I'm starting to look my age!

Gift cards

I love a gift card! I'd much rather be gifted some free spends than actually receive gifts sometimes, so I can pick what I like and have less chance of being gifted something I don't like! Normalise gifting gift cards I say. My favourite shops to get gift cards for are Amazon, New Look, Dunelm and ASDA for clothes.

Pin Badge Banners
I collect pin badges but I don't have enough banners to put them on! I've been asking for more banners for around 2 years - but won't give in and buy more myself for some reason - so hopefully this year I'll get some!

Pin Badges
Goes without saying really. I haven't found any in particular I want right now but I love anything witchy, spooky, cottagecore and LGBTQ+!

Hair Dryer
My hair dryer is years old now and I really want one of those diffusers specially for curly hair. 

Pamper Items
I love a good hair mask, face mask, foot mask etc.! Anything I can use to make myself feel better is a top notch present in my eyes. I would love to receive a pamper box - specifically with body shop products would be ideal but I'm not fussy!

Sometimes I'd rather go out and do something fun than get gifts - especially as I'm aiming for minimalism and don't have enough storage for stuff! Spa days experiences or just a night out drinking and dancing would be lovely this year.

Wonder what I'll get this year!

Until next time,
Saph x

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