Saturday 1 October 2022

September Recap & October Goals

It's finally October! My favourite month of the year because it brings my favourite weather, Halloween and my birthday! It's time for spooky movie marathons and hot chocolate. 

September has been an interesting month. My mental health has severely declined which has been fun to deal with! When I've not been working, I've been staying at home, reading my days away. Which is fine, as I didn't actually set myself any goals for September anyway! I've also been enjoying re-watching House and loving She-Hulk. I've also been treating myself this month, I've spent a small fortune on new clothes for Autumn, dyed my hair blonde and got my nails done twice. 

Before we move onto my goals, meet my advertiser for the month! Sophie is a UK blogger at This Brilliant Day. Just like me, she doesn't like to bind herself to a particular niche and covers a range of subjects on her blog such as; mental and physical health, reading and sustainable living.

October Goals

I'll be turning 27 at the end of the month! My friend is supposed to be arranging some celebrations for me but I honestly don't know if I want to do anything anymore. I think that's just me feeling ill and tired though, we'll see what happens! Onto my goals for the month.

Complete Blogtober
By the looks of it, I haven't attempted Blogtober since 2017 and even then I only managed 29 days rather than the full 31. I'm determined to smash it this year though!

Once again, I'm feeling the need for a good declutter session! 

Make Better Habits
I'll probably write a full post on this as I need to really sit and figure out a plan! I know I need to make some changes, I just need to outline what and how.

Start Theory Test Revision
I really want to start driving lessons soon, so I want to start doing regular revision so when I can finally book a test, I'm ready to go!

What are your goals for October? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Thank you for having me as an advertiser! Those are great goals for October - good luck with them all. I hope your mental health takes a turn for the better, and that you manage to enjoy your birthday celebrations! I don't have any specific goals for October but I could do with a declutter too.