Monday 3 October 2022

October TBR

I actually can't remember the last time I set myself a TBR list! I usually just read whatever I feel like reading but I've got a few books on my unread list to tick off! I'm still exclusively using my Kindle for reading so everything on my list is a mix of Kindle books I've bought recently, or Kindle Unlimited reads. I feel like I won't have as much time to read this month as I did in September, so I'm just going to set myself three books and see how I get on! 

Incipience, L. Gourley
I've had this book on my list since it was before it was even released but I just haven't picked it out to read yet! Possibly because it's a fantasy novel which isn't my usual genre these days. I am really intrigued by it though so I'm determined to finally read it this month.
"After the angels and the humans came God's final creation: the seraphs. The last attempt at a perfect being. The cause of Lucifer's rebellion.
Excommunicated from Heaven alongside him to prevent further provocation of war the seraphs were left to deal with the aftermath of his fury, endlessly battling the demons created from his malice.
Raised a warrior, Kali thought she knew the people that raised her, until she discovers a terrible family secret. When dark forces come to destroy everything she loves, she must fight to save her world. 
But will it be so easy when some of that darkness lives within her?"

Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls, Holly Martin
I was looking for some autumnal reads and I absolutely adored The Wisteria Tree Cottage by Holly Martin so I couldn't resist this one when I saw it on KU! I didn't even read the synopsis, I just knew I had to have it.
"Clover Philips is exactly where she’s meant to be – back home on Jewel Island teaching dance to the guests at the beautiful Sapphire Bay Hotel that she co-owns with her sisters Skye and Aria. Her life is complete, except for one thing…

When Clover left London she also left behind a devastating betrayal. She hasn’t been able to date anyone since, let alone allow herself to fall in love. What she needs is a casual fling to ease herself back into romance."

Big Chicas Don't Cry, Annette Chavez Macias

Charlie actually accidentally bought me this one while he was playing around with my Kindle! It does actually sound like a pretty good book so I'm intrigued by his choice! Although I'm gutted he paid for it when it is actually available on Kindle Unlimited...

"Cousins Mari, Erica, Selena, and Gracie are inseparable. They aren’t just family but best friends—sharing secrets, traditions, and a fierce love for their abuelita. But their idyllic childhood ends when Mari’s parents divorce, forcing her to move away. With Mari gone, the girls’ tight-knit bond unravels."

So that's my TBR for October! Are any of these on your TBR or have you already read them? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time, 
Saph x

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  1. thanks for sharing your october tbr! i'm hoping to do a lot of reading this month - especially this spooky reads.