Thursday 9 December 2021

This Time Next Year Tag | Blogmas 2021

I love a good blogger tag, don't you? This is the This Time Next Year Tag and it's all about what you want to have achieved by the following year. I love making goals and getting motivated so, naturally, this is right up my street!

Rules of the This Time Next Year Tag:

Thank the person who tagged you
Write your goals for next year
Write how you’re going to achieve these goals
Tag at least 5 blogger friends
This last one is optional, but in 365 days, write a post about whether or not you’ve been successful!

Thank you to Katie from Life With Ktkinnes for tagging me! I love your goals and I hope you smash them! 

My 2022 Goals
Save more than I spend
Get fit
Celebrate all the Wiccan Sabbats

How I'm Going to Achieve these Goals

I read a really inspiring money-saving book recently - and intend to read a few more. I'm starting a new job soon that is a much better pay than I was getting from my old job, so it would be really nice if I didn't spend it all in one week! I'm going to put myself on a fierce budget and get Josh to support me in it. He's always saying he wants to spend less money so if we do it together, we should get a lot of saving done! Plus we officially want to start house-hunting next year, so all the more reason to budget, budget, budget.

Another job related one but I plan to walk thirty minutes to work more often than not - as long as it's safe to - and the job itself involves lot of walks in the woods apparently, so I'm looking forward to getting fit that way! I may also start going swimming but I may be too knackered for that...

I call myself a Wiccan but I still haven't yet celebrated all the Sabbats. Starting from Yule 2021 I'd love to be able to say I celebrated every single Sabbat next year! When I start setting up my 2022 calendar, I'll research what dates the Sabbats are, add them to my calendar and also set reminders on my phone.

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Saph x

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  1. My husband and I are both Pagan and love celebrating the Sabbats. We both follow very different Pagan paths, so it's fun to see how we can incorporate each of them into our festivities. I'm looking forward to reading more about what these times mean to you!