Monday 20 December 2021

A Secret Engagement: One Year On | Blogmas 2021

As of today, Josh and I have now been engaged for one year and one month. That has really flown by! We have been through many ups and downs over the last year - I didn't even think we were going to make it to a whole year of being engaged recently - but we're still very much in love and working our way through any obstacles that come our way. We are both completely rubbish at communicating effectively and it's definitely something we're focusing on getting better at together. Even though we're coming up to being partners for three years, we need to remember our relationship is still very young yet and we've still got a lot to learn about each other!

We haven't made any official wedding plans yet - Josh wants to wait until we're living in our own house first - but that hasn't stopped us discussing some ideas. Initially, Josh wanted to throw a huge wedding and have loads of fuss, which honestly really surprised me. Josh has social anxiety and absolutely hates being the centre of attention, so him wanting to go all out for our wedding absolutely blew my mind. However, as time went on and I threw other ideas his way, he seems to have changed his mind slightly...

The Venue
I used to think I wanted a big fancy wedding in a castle, or a gorgeous barn, but honestly, I think I'd be perfectly happy with a tiny little registry office wedding. I'm really trying to not look into it too much, but one of my short-listed venues is Eastgate House in Rochester. It's a lovely, historic building that is ceremony-only with a maximum of 40 guests allowed. Plus, last time I checked, it's only £1,000 to hire. It may be more since COVID, but it's still bound to be pretty reasonable! I'm not sure what we would do for the reception though, maybe just a meal in a nice restaurant?

The Dress
I literally love every style of wedding dress so I'm dreading the day I actually have to pick one. That being said, I adore boho and vintage vibes. I will almost definitely get a dress with long sleeves. I'm very torn between floor-length or a tea length dress though! I will probably wear white or ivory but to be honest, I could go for a coloured dress. I'm always torn between traditional and non-traditional. I definitely would not have a veil, I'm more likely to opt for a headband or a pretty clasp to keep my half-up, half-down 'do together.

The Details
We probably wouldn't have bridesmaids or groomsmen or anything like that. It's just more expense that I personally can't be bothered with. I may not even have anyone "give me away" but if I did, I would have my mum, same as my sister Natalie did.
Depending on the time of year, I'm feeling dark green as the colour scheme. It's Josh's favourite colour and anything dark green makes me think of him.
Oh, but my favourite detail? I have managed to convince Josh that as well as wedding rings, we should get matching tattoos on our ring fingers. Josh can't wear rings to work, and regularly forgets to wear his engagement ring, and I just straight up lose them. I lost my engagement ring months ago, I lost my mums engagement ring as a teenager (which she understandably still hasn't forgiven me for) and I have no doubt in my mind that I will lose my wedding ring. So, matching tattoos it is. Not sure what we'll get though.

I can't wait to start planning our wedding properly. To be honest, part of me still just wants to grab any one of my dresses out of my wardrobe and have a two-witness ceremony in a registry office. I don't want a wedding, I want a marriage. I want to call Josh my husband and lead a very long, happy life with him. But also I do kind of want a wedding...

What was your wedding like? Or what kind of wedding are you planning? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,
Saph x

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