Saturday 7 October 2017

The Seven Deadly Sins & I

Earlier in the year I had to help my niece with her R.E homework and we wrote about the Seven Deadly Sins. I have kind of been a little bit fascinated with them since and thought it would be fun to see how they relate to me and how much they play a role in my life.
 Let's see how sinful I am shall we?

avoidance of physical work 
I actually think this is the worst of the seven sins, and the one that plagues me most. I have always been the biggest procrastinator, and do everything I can to avoid doing something completely. Although I am slowly starting to notice a change in me that will actually get up and do the thing without much convincing. 

craving for the pleasures of the body
Hahah, yep. 

desire for material wealth or gain
I don't think this one has ever really applied to me. My Mum may say differently but I don't think I've ever wanted more than I got (or not voiced it anyway) and I only want enough money to be comfortable. I don't think that's being greedy, I think that's just...being stable. Although being a millionaire would be nice...

desire to consume more than one requires 
Give me all the food and all the drink.  

excessive belief in one's own abilities 
Ehh, not so much. If anything it should be sinful just how little I believe in myself. If I'm lucky I have one small proud moment every month or two, and believe in my abilities even less often. 

spurs love and opts for fury
I don't really know why but I am one angry chick. Honestly I don't know how I actually manage to keep it in check enough for people to call me a 'Saint' or an 'Angel' because I am far from. It really doesn't take very much at all for me to get mad or frustrated, and I can be horrible when I want to be. I'm just glad I seem to be able to keep it together around Charlie; I won't deny that was a worry while I was pregnant. 

the desire for others traits, status, abilities or situation
Envy is unfortunately, a huge part of me. Although I like to think that the older I get, the less envious and more grateful I become. I used to look at people - bloggers and entrepreneurs especially - and think 'why can't I have that? What does she/he have that I don't?' Now,  I've managed to switch my thinking and question what they do that I can apply to my own work, and change the way I approach things. 

How do the deadly sins play a role in your life? Just how sinful are you?

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