Tuesday 10 October 2017

15 Zombie-free Halloween Costume Ideas

I love Halloween and it's the only time I actually enjoy having to wear fancy dress.What I don't like, however, is zombies. So I've come up with 15 zombie-free costume ideas for Halloween this year. They don't neccessasarily have to be "sexy" either, despite what every fancy dress shop ever tries to tell us. Although you can be sexy for Halloween if you want, you do you! 
Graphic from hootowlgardens.com



Wednesday Addams 

Morticia Addams 

Poison Ivy 

Creepy Doll/Annabelle

Evil Mermaid 

Bride of Frankenstein

Fallen Angel 





Grim Reaper  

Evil Queen 

Now all I need is a party to go to! What are you thinking of dressing as for Halloween? My favourite idea is the evil mermaid; means a chance to really play around with makeup!

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  1. These suggestions are awesome. Thank you, will mention this post on my videos if I end up doing any of your suggestions <3