Saturday 14 October 2017

Pros & Cons of Blogging

I have been blogging for about four years now. I started in college, when creating and updating a photography blog was a part of my module and I just fell in love with it. Although my tutor never did read any of our blogs so really, why was it a part of our module?! I'm glad it was though. I've learnt a lot in the past four years, and I don't know what I would do without my little space on the Internet now. Probably tweet excessively. Oh wait, I already do that! But I digress. 

- Having somewhere to rant
I started a personal blog as an anonymous diary really, I wanted to get my pent up thoughts and feelings out there without running the risk of my handwritten diary being found and read! Although I don't really use my blog specifically for that purpose anymore, it's still great to have that option. 

- Meeting new people 
I've made some fab friends through blogging, and never would have come across them without it! 

- Improving your writing skills 
Compared to the content I was writing even just last year my writing has improved so much and I feel much more confident about sharing my content now

- Being able to look back and see how much your blogging has changed 
This is kind of like a part two of the previous point but thinking back to when I first started blogging, my content has improved so much, and I'm not writing a post just because I think I should and it's going to get me views, but because I actually want to and enjoyed writing about the subject. 

- Scheduling tweets

- Not having any engagement if you don't schedule tweets
It's a lose lose situation really 

- Taking blog photos 
Fuck flatlays man. And why is it so exhausting? I don't even get this tired on a photoshoot with actual humans but trying to photograph inanimate objects?! Whole 'nother story. 

- Worrying about numbers
Even if you don't blog for "that reason" you still lowkey keep an eye on your engagement and get sad when it's low. I'm certainly guilty of this and kinda wish I hadn't connected this blog to Google Analytics but I'm too nosey for my own good.

- Drama
Every other week someone seems to have upset someone in the blogging community and it's like being back at school sometimes. I think we all just need to have a Lush bath and chill. 

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