Monday 7 August 2023

Pinky Creates Haul

Another day, another haul! Actually I don't think I've written a haul post for ages but I'm constantly buying. This time, I have added to my Pinky Creates Collection! I bought three pairs of earrings and I didn't even realise they're all the same colour theme but I absolutely love them.

Tuesday 1 August 2023

August Goals & July Recap

I decided to only post once a week in July (apart from that one time I posted twice in one day) instead of aiming for twice and I have to say, it has completely made a difference! It's been so much less pressure, knowing I have more time to prepare blog posts. I'm not the type of blogger where I have articles prepared months in advance, I'm a much more casual blogger than that. Which is 100% the reason why sometimes I only blog twice in a month, I just don't have the content. So taking the time and taking the pressure off has helped massively and I've actually been able to produce more content than usual last month. I really fell in love with blogging again.