Tuesday 1 August 2023

August Goals & July Recap

I decided to only post once a week in July (apart from that one time I posted twice in one day) instead of aiming for twice and I have to say, it has completely made a difference! It's been so much less pressure, knowing I have more time to prepare blog posts. I'm not the type of blogger where I have articles prepared months in advance, I'm a much more casual blogger than that. Which is 100% the reason why sometimes I only blog twice in a month, I just don't have the content. So taking the time and taking the pressure off has helped massively and I've actually been able to produce more content than usual last month. I really fell in love with blogging again.

I actually think July has been my best month so far this year! I've made an effort to hang out with a friend regularly, I've seen my family - including family I only see like once a year or less often - and I've been making my physical well being a priority. Including, finally getting on anti-depressants again. My GP gave me a two week course of Sertraline. I'm one week in and not noticing a huge difference yet but fingers crossed it helps.

Charlie turned 6 this year! He absolutely loved his party and it was so nice to see him playing with his friends.

July Goals Recap

Health Goals
  1. Take vitamins daily
I didn't quite take them daily but I was taking them more often than I had been previously!
  1. Do some form of exercise daily
Again, not daily, but I was trying to get some movement in a few days a week. Mostly dancing around my house doing housework but movement is movement!
  1. Quit vaping
I decided to download an app so I can keep track of how I'm doing! I lasted 3 days before I started using again. But a couple of days later, I'd overdone it and I felt really sick and just really unwell from using it too much. So, I decided to actually bin my vapes this time (rather than holding onto them just in case) and I am now 23 days vape free. Not gonna lie I am very much struggling and the only thing stopping me from buying another vape is that I truly do not have the money spare for it.

Personal Goals
  1. Theory Test Revision/Book Test
I decided against booking my theory test just yet, as I've checked and there's tons of availability, so I'd rather book when I feel I'm ready to pass, rather than book it and then risk not being ready by that date. I haven't really done any revision yet either, oops.
I have, however, had my first driving lesson! I absolutely loved it and my instructor is the sweetest man. He reckons I'll be test ready in three months so I really need to get a wriggle on with my theory test!
  1. Explore my Beliefs
Umm. Nah. I had all good intentions but it just didn't happen.

Career Goals
I did have one interview throughout July. I really did want the job but I completely tanked the interview. I was completely unprepared and I knew immediately that they weren't impressed. I still had a sliver of hope but I wasn't surprised when I got the email to say I didn't get it. So I'm still stuck in community care for the forseeable. I'm still looking though.

August Goals

Personal Goals
  1. Keep driving
  2. Revise!!
  3. Spend more time with family/friends
Home Goals
  1. Paint the hallway
  2. Declutter my bedroom
  3. Declutter Charlie's bedroom
Health Goals
  1. Use weights regularly again
  2. Continue to take vitamins
  3. Find healthy meals I enjoy
What are your goals for August? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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