About Saph

Hey there! I am Saph - not my real name, but I like it! I am 28 years old, a Mum to my gorgeous little boy, Charlie and currently a Support Worker.

I started blogging in 2014 when one of my college modules included creating and running a photography blog. I loved having a blog, but hated being confined to photography so, in 2015, I created my very first personal blog and have loved every minute of it. Due to a technical fault, I had to close down that blog and start a new one: Simply Saph. 

Simply Saph is dedicated to making people laugh, cry, and generally just being 100% honest about every aspect of my life. This can be seen most in my more personal posts, about dealing with the emotional (and physical!) aftermath of my emergency hysterectomy in 2017. 

I am always available for collaborations, please email me at saphmoon20@gmail.com if you wish to discuss working together on projects! 

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