Monday 12 June 2017

My Everyday Makeup Look

A few months ago my go-to makeup look was always eyeliner, mascara and a nude lipgloss but lately, I've really been loving using eyeshadow INSTEAD of eyeliner. So for the first time ever in my blogging life, here's a a peep at my everyday look: 

Before I start I always put lip balm on, to give my lips a chance to soften up. Although I really should start using my lip exfoliator as well, my lips are never quote soft enough when I put my lipstick on and I end up with lumpy lips. My choice of lip balm depends on which one I can find first, so either my Nivea soft rose balm, or Dr PawPaw. Guess which one it was today?!

 Next is my eyeshadow. I have three paletttes (all Younique) but this is the only one I really use these days, I find that the shade Tender and Secretive go best with every outfit, suit my skin best and Secretive just gives it that little bit of something special.

Then, I curl my eyelashes (something I've only recently started doing) and use my brown mascara. I should probably get rid of it though, I'm pretty sure ASDA doesn't even sell this mascara any more, and it smells like paint. It is a pretty decent mascara though!

After wiping away any excess shadow and mascara I use my skin perfecting concealer in shade Scarlet (the palest for us goth-skinned girls) under my eyes. I'm so tired these days that I can't help but notice that my under-eyes need a little brightening up and this does the trick. I apply it with a brush and then use my beauty blender to finish it off.
I literally only use the tiniest dot and even then it's sometimes too much! This tiny tube goes a long way.

 I have no idea how to contour. I've tried it a million times and watched a million youtube videos but I just cannot master it. So I just use the 3D Creme (highlighter) to make it look like I've tried.

 I actually love the creme, as you can probably tell by how well used it is!
Last but not least, my lipstick. Generally I only wear nude or red, as I feel they go best with my hair, but I rediscovered this pinky beauty, that actually compliments my red hair surprisingly well!
So there we have it, my everyday go-to look. I know I'm not the best at applying makeup, which is why I keep it so simple but I love it - and it's a lot less hassle now I've switched my eyeliner for eyeshadow!

8 yorum:

  1. This is a gorgeous everyday look; seems like it'd be really easy to throw on for work. And that lip colour looks gorgeous in your skin tone!
    Gemma x

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love that lipstick, it's easily my favourite xx

  2. You look gorgeous! The lipstick is lovely, it really suits you! And I'm the same, no matter how many tutorials I watch, I cannot contour!
    Hels xx

    1. Thank you so much! Hahah it's a nightmare isn't it! Honestly don't know how people manage it xx

  3. Your lips look really nice in this colour! First thing I noticed on the pic x

  4. The lip colour is lovely and I can really see the glow from your highlighter!

    Tori |

  5. Thanks sweet! I think I had a little too much on that day (for me personally) but I do love how glowy it is xx