Monday 26 June 2017

Going Loco for Coco

I've never really been one to make much effort with my hair care. I get it cut about once a year, brush it every now and then, and the only products I use on it is shampoo and conditioner. But lately, that's started to change. 

Maybe it's from being influenced by bloggers all the time, maybe it's from becoming a Mum, but I think it's because shit, I'm in my 20s, I should really start looking after myself now. I am actually an adult and I feel taking care of how you look is, weirdly, a big part of it. Probably down to society and the brainwashing but it's hard not to feel like crap when you're surrounded by women that look incredible all the time, even on their casual days.

My hair is always my main problem for me (and my clothes but I can sort that after baby) as it's always kinda dry, super frizzy and just kind of...meh. I never really liked the sound of hair masks, but my sister gifted me a sample of one in my bridesmaid goody bag and I was hooked, It was incredible, I couldn't believe how soft my hair was even with just one teeny sample. I looked it up online to find the full sized product costs £80. So, no. I set out to find a cheaper alternative and was torn between three, until I found out that that my sister Natalie uses one of them and well, if it's good enough for her...

So say hello to my baby before my baby: the Coco Loco mask by Lee Stafford. First things first: the smell. Ugh, gorgeous! I cannot get enough of coconut scented hair products. It's my go to scent. Well, that and green apple. I was quite surprised to see that it says to use it between shampoo and conditioner, but actually it's so much more convenient. The other hair mask had to be applied on towel dried hair, so knowing I could stay in the shower, wash and exfoliate, while the mask did its thing was so handy! 

My hair felt so much softer after just one use, I was so impressed! Although I thought the ends of my hair were beyond repair at this point, so I was really looking forward to my annual haircut. However, the second use totally proved me wrong! The ends of my hair were feeling totally nourished; I couldn't believe it! I know my hair isn't nearly as damaged as some but I was so shocked at how quickly it fixed my hair - my hair only ever feels this soft after a trip to the salon!

Despite even the ends of my hair feeling great, the hairdresser still had to take a good couple of inches off! My hair feels so much better for both the haircut and the mask though. Just to prove my point, my Mum "borrowed" some and her hair is in absolutely awful condition, it's literally like straw. However, just one use left even her hair feeling soft. So it's official, Lee Stafford is my new love and my hair will forever be treated to this beauty once a week for the rest of my life. 

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  1. Used it today, loved it. Coconut scents are some of my favourites so this was so good and such a decent price as well.

    1. Ah that's great, I'm so glad you love it! Yess, I love how affordable it is! Xx