Thursday 1 June 2017

Hello June | My Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is something that took me a long time to get into, and didn't really attempt it seriously until this year. It just seemed like a huge waste of time - but maybe I was just jealous that everyone was able to make theirs look so pretty and knew I would never be able to do the same. 

I still gave it a go and it's taken me a long time to find a layout that worked for me. I'm still not 100% convinced that this months layout will work for me either but that's the beauty of the bullet journal; you can adapt it every week or even every day if that's how you work. I actually set up this months layout about two weeks into May - I was obviously feeling motivated. I was really happy with it to start with but I wish I could change it again now. Oh well! 

My habit tracker page is one of my favourites of this months spread. Even though I managed to give myself two extra days on the second page (literally no idea how) this layout is MUCH neater compared to previous trackers, and I'm glad I decided to write in the days this time, it got very confusing not having them last month.

 As much as I hate having a spending log, it's an essential now, and it's much better actually being able to see where my money goes each month. It's definitely causing me to feel guilty about certain purchases as well, so I make more of an effort to really think about what I'm buying.

This is by far my favourite page. I started this last month, as I wanted to keep track of how much I had going towards Charlie's future, but couldn't create a "Savings Goal" page as I don't have a regular income. But this is a perfect way to keep note of any money that goes either straight into his ISA account, or into a little jar I have that I fill with spare change and money made from bootfairs.

 I really liked my four day spread when I first did it but I absolutely hate it now! Although it's good for days I have a lot to write: I generally don't have a lot to write, and it feels like I'm just wasting space on my pages. But I may decide to keep track of thoughts and feelings or something this month. If anyone had any suggestions on how I can best utilize my daily spread then let me know! Of course I'll be using my dorkface stickers to pretty it up as I go though!

I actually added a quote to Thursday after taking this photo:
"A new month means a new start - don't waste your own time!"
Sound advice I'd say!

Last but not least I have my "Preparing for Charlie" pages. These are my "to do", "to buy" and "to pack" lists that I need to finish off over the course of this month and the first few weeks of July. HOW SCARY! 

I only actually have about 40 pages of this notebook left, and probably won't have much time to bujo next month/after Charlie is born so I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with it after this month. At the moment I'm using these last few pages to make note of blog post ideas, journaling my thoughts and feelings, and I have a couple of pages just for generic doodles and various lyrics that get stuck in my head! I have actually made notes on what I would like in my next bullet journal but once it's finished I honestly have no idea if I'll make another journal or not! I would like to, as I've enjoyed the process but I can't see it getting much use once Charlie is here. But it can't hurt to be prepared and think it through.

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  1. Girl HOW cute is your bullet journal? So inspiring every day to see the quote at the top every day! Looove your habit tracker and all the little lists for Charlie! Looking forward to seeing more! xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! I absolutely love my habit tracker - inspired by Pinterest of course!
      Thank you, I just hope I can continue with it xx

  2. I love the habit tracker!! Maybe on the day pages you could start recording one this your grateful for that day or an accomplishment of the day? Might be a nice way to fill the space :) I tried bullet journalling but I couldn’t make it work for me, I’m much better with pre brought planners haha! x x

    1. Thank you! Ooh that's a good idea, I'll keep that in mind! Aw bless you hahah I almost wish I could go back to them but bullet journaling has taken over my life - can't survive without my habit trackers now! Xx

  3. This is soo cute and very simple! I love, it's actually inspired me to want to create one. I never know what to include but these pages are lovely. I especially love the pages for Charlie, that's perfect. I'm not sure if I can create my own, I'm a perfectionist!

    Gemma |

  4. Thank you, it's definitely one of my favourite spreads so far! Ahh I'm so pleased it's inspired you! I spent weeks trawling through Pinterest for ideas before I finally committed to making my own - Pinterest is a life saver! Xx