Monday 5 June 2017

Pregnancy Update: Week 31 & 32

GAAAHHHHH SO LITTLE TIME LEFT!! It's strange, two months feels like ages but also it's SO. CLOSE. I finally got round to going through all of Charlie's stuff on the Sunday, sorted out what I'm taking to hospital for him and wrote a 'need to buy' list. I'm finally starting to feel a little more organised! 
I was so tired on Sunday after the wedding, and in the late afternoon my feet and ankles suddenly ballooned! I soaked them in cold water for a couple of hours to cool them down, then propped them up on a couple of cushions and they eventually went down again. Thank God, I would have cried if they had stayed that swollen! So apart from being tired as hell, I had a lovely relaxing Sunday - one of the best starts to a new week yet! Although when I tried to get to sleep that night my horrible back pain started up again! I text Mum for help after 15 minutes or so but my message didn't actually get through to her until 9am! Luckily it seemed to wear off a short while later and I was able to get to sleep fairly quickly. 

Charlie keeps getting under my ribs now - you really don't know how uncomfortable it is until you go through it! I know I've been saying it throughout the entire pregnancy but I cannot wait to get him out of me; it's not cute anymore! My hospital bag is mostly packed now! I just need to buy a couple more things, and obviously things like snacks and water will be put in last minute. I'm so nervous! I'm praying for an easy labour/birth but then again, we all do. 

I'm not 100% sure but I think my nipples were attempting to leak this week. They kept getting really itchy, a bit painful at times and I ended up wiping away what I can only describe as dried pus, like from a really gross, but easy to get rid of spot. I wasn't too worried, as I knew to expect leaking but I wasn't too sure about it being dried. But I just put some nipple balm on and hoped for the best. I also mentioned it to Mum but she didn't really know what to make of it. 

The pain came back just before bed so I applied the balm again but it didn't seem to help, and after a while I applied some more. Again, it didn't help and I resorted to Google. That wasn't much help either but I saw a few people suggest massaging the breast so I decided to give it a go. It actually really helped so now I know what to do next time! Although my nipple was still a bit sore to touch, so I just did the obvious thing and stopped touching it! 

Week 32

Apart from the usual back and rib ache, week 32 didn't start off too badly. I spent a few hours shopping with Ash and I got the last few bits I needed for my hospital bag and Ash picked out some cute dummy clips for Charlie. When I got home and took my shoes off, Mum looked at my feet and said 'ohh shiiit, go lay down!' They were super swollen. Although they didn't feel too bad, but after I rested and then got up to get a drink I realised my ankles were totally shot: they were in agony. Didn't really help that I'd turned over on my left ankle before I went out but nevermind. 

About an hour later I suddenly started getting shooting pains down my vulva. I was a bit worried as Luna had been clambering all over me just before it started. She weighs about four stone so yeah, not exactly a light puppy. But after a few searches on Google I came to the conclusion that it was just Braxton Hicks starting. Yay. 

I can't help but wonder what was going through Ashs head after these texts! 

I'm sorry but I'm about to have a full on rant. I'm getting really sick of people telling me 'how quick it's gone.' IT MIGHT BE QUICK FOR YOU, YOU DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL I WAS FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT! Honestly, I could kick them. This has been the longest six months of my life, I'm genuinely glad I didn't know I was expecting until a month after it happened. These next two months need to go FAST, I hate being pregnant so much. But Charlie better be the most delightful baby in the history of ever to make up for it. I'm also really starting to dislike my bump this week. I feel like it's a really weird shape and just not cute anymore. It's probably down to how Charlie is sitting but still, it doesn't half make me want to hide my bump away. 

~ okay, I'm done ranting for now ~

Mum bought me a breast pump last week, as I don't want to breastfeed in public (it also gives Ash a chance to feed him early on), and this week I had the bright idea of buying a small cooler bag so I had something to keep the pumped milk cool while out and about during the Summer months. I got this one from The Range for about £3, it's so cute! 

As well as the pump, Mum bought me a feeding pillow and I finally decided to start using it on Friday, as I was in so much pain and couldn't get comfortable. It helped almost instantly and now I take it from room to room with me! I use the Comfi-mum from Smyths Toy Store. I have also started drinking raspberry leaf tea, as apparently its meant to be beneficial for labour. But I may do a full post just on this later on.

Overall I've had a pretty easy couple of weeks! Apart from the aches, pains and swelling of course but all the while I'm not being sick or suffering with acid reflux; I'm happy!

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  1. I'm glad these weeks have been better! I had leaky nipples from about 25 weeks, not fun, i used breast pads which at least meant my bras were safe, and started using lansinoh (which is an absolute godsend for the first few weeks if you're planning to breastfeed) - it's a bit icky, but it shows at least that they're getting ready with the colostrum :) give me a shout if there's every anything I can help with!
    Hels xx

    1. Thank you! My nipples seem to have gone back to normal these last couple of weeks - although they still get a bit itchy occasionally! I've been stocked up on breast pads for a while now but haven't needed them so far; maybe I won't need them until after I've given birth.
      Thanks, I'll be sure to! Xx