Friday 20 October 2017

Friday Favourites

Last Friday I posted about 5 Blogs To Binge Read and spoke about sharing sharing my weekly faves. Yep, that's right, I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and am starting a Friday Favourites series. 

After being recommended by my sister; I started watching The Good Place. By 'watching' I mean I binge watched the fork out of it and had caught up with the latest episode by the next day. 10/10 recommend and I want a Janet. 
I also discovered Hotel Transylvania 2 on there, watched it, loved it and rewatched the first one. Then rewatched the second one. No shame, bleh bleh bleh. 

Usually I end up listening to Ed Sheeran or a Disney playlist on YouTube to keep Charlie happy, but when I get a chance to listen to music for myself, the first band I go to is We Are Harlot. 
I discovered them when I went to Hellfest in 2015 and listened to them constantly, even got their album for my birthday but, eventually, I forgot about them. I recently found my CD again and now I play it every chance I get. I still can't decide which is my favourite song though. 


This awesome babe is super talented and her instagram has essentially become her portfolio for all her gorgeous creations. Love her feed for a daily burst of colour. 

This one is just pure goals. I don't know how she does it but Victoria always finds the cutest things to photograph and shows them off in the prettiest way. 

I have serious travel envy when I see Tasha on my feed, she always takes the most beautiful photos of beautiful places and I'm constantly adding places to my travel list. 

Blog Posts/Bloggers 
Hannah Gale spoke about how difficult she finds it to dress her new baby body and same, girl, same. Trying to get dressed every morning while pregnant was absolute hell and Hannah explains that perfectly in this post.  

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