Friday 6 October 2017

5 Blogs To Binge Read

It's not very often that I get a chance to read others blog posts, but when I do there's always the same few that I automatically go to and have a binge read. 

In no particular order; here are my five favourite bloggers right now 
1. Jemma a.k.a dorkface

2. Gwennan a.k.a twentysomethingmeltdown 

3. Taiba a.k.a jorlaska

4. Gail a.k.a sherbet aurora 

5. Jasmine a.k.a littlethingswithjassy 

These lovely ladies are just a few of many that I felt deserved a mention and I may make this into a regular thing! Us bloggers need as much love as possible so I'm thinking of making this a series and either sharing more talented bloggers, or maybe just some amazing blog posts I've read. 

I'll keep you posted but for now; go binge-read these fabulous blogs!

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