Thursday 5 October 2017

The 101 Items Declutter Week

Pinterest is my favourite place to find inspiration and motivation to declutter. This time it was this article about a 101 item decluttering week. I instantly felt the need to declutter again and worked out I needed to get rid of a minimum of 14 items per day over the course of 7 days (yes, I know that only makes 98, shush). It was a bit daunting but I got stuck in. 
As I currently only have my bedroom to declutter (and one drawer in the bathroom) moving things from one room into another totally counts. To be fair, a glass (that actually belongs to Ash), a hot water bottle and a cooler bag do belong in the kitchen anyway. Oh, and some clothes pegs that Mum had left in there for some reason...

What I Decluttered

9 pieces of jewellery 
5 pieces of plastic (no idea where any of them came from)
18 patches that I was meant to sew/iron onto a denim glad I never did
5 handbags and 1 coin purse
7 ornaments
4 pairs of shoes
2 mini hairbrushes
5 boxes of out of date medicine
3 items of clothing
7 pregnancy related items no longer needed (either binned or gifted)
1 bottle of contact lens solution (given to my sister) plus a pair of contact lenses
1 potted cactus
2 keyrings
1 selfie stick
1 non-working baby monitor 
5 bras/underwear
1 broken charger lead
4 clothes pegs
1 cooler bag, hot water bottle and glass
1 bag of hairbands (moved to bathroom for Mum to use)
1 phonecase (not needed now I have a popsocket)
2 bandanas
1 book
1 out of date moisturiser
2 dvds
1 teatless baby bottle
5 gift bags
3 soaps
1 bottle of shimmer lotion

I actually ended up getting rid of 104 items! As well as all that I managed to get rid of two small Primark bags worth of recycling that I've been collecting over the past month or two. Not to mention a ton of baby clothes that Charlie has  grown out of. 

Could you get rid of 100+ items in a week? If that seems too daunting why not try the ten minute de-clutter-a-thon for ten days?

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