Friday 26 August 2022

Shein Fitness Haul

As well as updating my summer wardrobe, I also decided it was time to update my fitness and exercise gear. Back to Shein I went!

I mostly needed sports bras, and I couldn't resist getting zip up ones! I always get stuck trying to pull on my other sports bras, so I was thrilled when I discovered zip up ones! I do still struggle to get them on though, as they tend to ping open again while I'm trying to do them up...They're quite comfortable for working out in though, and give me really good support! The only thing I don't like about them is the way they ride up whenever I sit down, so they're not great if I fancy wearing them to work! I also got them in green which seem to fit more comfortably! 

As I have asthma - triggered by heat - leggings with pockets seemed like a sensible idea for working out in, or going for walks as it means I can have my inhaler on me without having to carry a bag as well. They're comfortable and I feel nice in them, though the material is a bit slippery so I have to be careful with the type of underwear I choose to wear with them! 

I also decided to get some drop armhole vests. Not my usual type of workout top but I fancied something different. Unfortunately, they're not great. The material is quite thick, which I don't really want for getting hot and sweaty, and they're not as baggy as I was hoping for. I still use them though - they'll be my first sign of losing weight if they loosen up a bit! 

I also fancied myself some new trainers! I'm not really sure why, as I have a perfectly good pair of skechers that I could use for working out but never mind! I'm glad I got grey ones instead of black for a change, but I feel like I'm going to wear them out soon as they're quite light and isn't much padding on the feet. They are comfortable though so I can't complain too much! 

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Great haul. My boyfriend has asthma which can be triggered by heat as well, so great idea, finding some leggings with somewhere to keep your inhaler!