Friday 12 August 2022

Camping in Devon | Photo Diary

I have officially been camping! As an adult anyway, I'm sure I went camping as a child but I don't remember it...either way, it's one more thing ticked off my 30 by 30 bucket list! 

Josh, Charlie and I went camping with Josh's mum, stepdad, 3 of Josh's siblings and their partners. We stayed in Totnes, Devon at ..... We left at 6:30am which was a bit of shock to mine and Charlie's system! How we both stayed awake during the 4 hour trip I do not know. It was a bit disappointing when we got there, as Josh's idea of camping is in the middle of the woods. That being said, it wasn't a terrible place to camp, and it was definitely family friendly. 

On Monday, we decided to visit Blackpool Sands. It was an absolutely stunning beach and we spent hours there! Admittedly, paying £9 to park there stung a bit but it was such a beautiful day, it was worth it. We all got pretty bad burns that day, I'm still peeling now!

Tuesday, we went to Torquay and Brixton. We visited the Crime Museum which wasn't particularly exciting, and did a bit of shopping for fudge and rock. We ended up in Brixton for lunch at Simply Fish. It was very expensive, but very yummy! Charlie met a pirate and then got stung by a bee for the first time. Poor little sod was very unhappy after that and insisted we went back to the tents!

Wednesday consisted of going to the theme park! We met some animals and checked out the rides. Charlie loved the water slides, and went on all three of them! i have no idea how much it is to enter the park without camping on site, but I'm not sure I'd make a point of going there again. Although there was tons of the park that we missed! 

I was violently ill on Thursday, and spent all day in and out of sleep. Josh, Charlie and the others went to explore Dartmouth without me. I was a bit gutted I could go but I physically couldn't eat or do anything except sleep! I have to say, I felt extremely refreshed by the time I woke up Friday morning! 

Friday morning, nobody could agree on what to do for the day. Josh wanted to explore more and everyone else wanted to go back to the theme park. So, we compromised. Josh took me to Dartmouth to climb up a hill and everyone else took Charlie to the theme park with them! Dartmouth was absolutely stunning and I loved exploring Dartmouth Castle! I couldn't get over the view. We also joined the National Trust English Heritage (I always get them mixed up!) so I'm excited to get exploring more historical sites! After visiting the castle, we climbed a hill that Josh didn't get to climb the previous day. I was a little bit concerned I was going to die but the climb actually wasn't that bad! The view at the top was certainly worth all the effort. We had lunch at the top and had some chill time before we made our way back to the car. It was so lovely to have some couple time!

We also ended up back at the theme park again that evening, and I took Charlie to the carousel and ball pit while the men had fun on the big rides.

We also went shopping in Dartmouth one of the days and I treated myself to a pair of joggers and a hoodie from Jack Wills, Josh bought himself some t-shirts from Trespass and Charlie got himself an ice cream shaped magnet and some souvenirs for his Dad from a little independent shop whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. 

I actually had so much fun camping! I was dreading it, not knowing what the facilities were going to be like and worrying how cold it would be at night but it was definitely so much better than I expected! The only thing that bothered me was how squeaky my camping bed was...

I'm so excited to go camping again - we're thinking Scotland or Wales next year! 

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Hi Saph. What an excellent write-up of your trip - and great photos too. We love Dartmouth - lots of great places to walk to and eat at (and all dog-friendly, too, from memory - which is a plus for us dog owners). Now that you have your National Trust membership, next time you go consider taking a boat trip up the Dart to Agatha Christie's house - nice trip along the river and lovely gardens to walk around.

    1. Thanks so much Richie! I would definitely love to visit again - I'll make a note of your recommendation!