Friday 19 August 2022

Shein Summer Haul

I've been feeling really low about my wardrobe lately, and didn't really have anything suitable for the crazy heatwave! After a chat with a colleague, I decided to raid Shein and see what I could find myself. I  have only had one item from Shein before and I absolutely love it so I was hoping to have some luck this time. Spoiler: I did! I have made three orders with Shein since! With my first order, I had £104 worth of items in my basket by the time I was done. Thankfully, Shein gives members vouchers so I got my basket down to £81 which was an absolute dream. Time to see what I ordered!

The first item is this gorgeous red wrap dress. It makes me feel so fancy! I ordered a size XL which is their size 16 and it fits beautifully. I haven't really had a chance to wear it out yet but I absolutely adore it.

Next is a blue cami dress that I almost didn't order because it's shorter than I like to wear. I'm glad I did though because I absolutely adore it and pair it with knee-length leggings from Boohoo if I'm having a self-conscious day! 

I also got this black ditsy print dress that has a longer hem at the back than it does at the front. I honestly don't remember ordering it and I wasn't keen on it at first but I love it now! It's comfy, it's flowy and just generally a 10/10 for me!

Last but not least from the dress department, the green dress! I absolutely love this dress but the fit on top isn't great! The straps are loose and not adjustable, and my bra always ends up being exposed! I need to figure out a way to sort it out because I feel so amazing in it except for that. I love the slits in the leg as well, makes me feel sexy.

I needed to replace my sandals so I picked up this lovely white 'minimalist' sandals. I haven't had a chance to wear them out yet but I absolutely love how they look! The best part is, they go lovely with all the dresses I bought.

I couldn't find my swimsuit for my holiday so I took a chance and ordered a new one on shein. It's actually a halter top and shorts but I absolutely love it! Unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for my holiday but I did find my old one! I much prefer my new one though, it's so comfortable and I don't have to worry about squeezing into it or struggling to take it off when it's wet!

I desperately needed new summer pj's. I can't sleep naked and I don't like nighties that much, so I treated myself to some silk or satin cami/shorts sets. I absolutely love the colours, they're gorgeous! The shorts admittedly are not the best fit but I love the tops.

What have you ordered from Shein lately?

Until next time,
Saph x

2 yorum:

  1. These all look so good! I especially love the green dress and the sandals, it's something I'd wear all the time in summer. And the PJ's look so comfy! Great haul.

  2. The green polka dot dress is stunning - perfect for Summer going into Autumn! I have a new obsession with Shein, their clothes are really good quality! x

    Lucy Mary