Monday 5 July 2021

Small Business Haul

Lately I have been trying really hard to support small businesses! It's always so tempting to go onto ASOS or Boohoo for their deals, but sometimes it's nice to shop small. I always send Josh links to some of my favourite small businesses when it's time to buy each other gifts.

Shop Fairy Jewellery

Josh actually surprised me by buying something from my favourite online jewellery shop for our anniversary! He bought me the Round Crystal Huggies earrings from Shop Fairy and they are absolutely stunning! I literally wore them for a week straight and had no issues at all. You can really tell they're top quality earrings! I love that they - coincidentally - match my engagement ring too, I feel so fancy when I'm wearing them both.

Bear's Brownies & More
I have been eyeing up Tiffany's brownies for months, and I finally decided it was time to treat myself! It was so hard to decide which flavours to go for but I finally decided on the Bourbon biscuits and Malteser brownies.  I couldn't believe it when they turned up two days later! The photos don't do them justice at all, they're lovely great big chunks of brownie!

The brownies were absolutely delicious, I honestly couldn't decide which was my favourite flavour! They were perfect. They come so nicely packaged as well, they would make a lovely gift for brownie lovers! I have since ordered another two boxes and they were just as good as the first batch.

Shans Bakes
As I had already planned to buy brownies from Tiffany, I decided to get two cake jars from Shan. I picked Biscoff for myself, and Victoria Sponge for Josh. Oh, my god. I absolutely hate Victoria Sponge but I couldn't resist trying some - it was delicious! The biscoff one was absolutely beautiful and I want to only eat biscoff cake from now on, not sorry!

Wicca Tree Crafts
I'd been eyeing up Ella's rose quartz earrings for a while, and it was finally time to make them mine. I was also very tempted by a spell kit but I wimped out - such a rubbish witch! I did, however, get myself the Kintsugi balm.

It arrived packaged so beautifully, and even got some freebie stickers! Not only that, but I was even given two rose quartz tealights for free! This is why I love small businesses, they're so sweet and generous when it comes to putting together the orders.

The rose quartz earrings are absolutely beautiful and again, I have no issues with them when I wear them so they're obviously great quality!

The Kintsugi balm is also known as "The Repairer." Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of the beauty in imperfections, Kintsugi encourages self-love and acceptance. Lemon purifies, while peppermint removes negative vibrations. It smells absolutely beautiful!

Sew Totes
Another small business I've been lusting over for months! Bryony embroiders tote bags, t-shirts and sweaters and also makes cute prints. I have been wanting a tote bag for a while now, but I wanted to make sure I could make a big order at once. I finally decided it was time my wardrobe had a makeover,  so as well as a tote bag, I also ordered two t-shirts and a sweatshirt.

I was so thrilled when they arrived! The t-shirts and sweater are baggy which was exactly what I was hoping for. They are really gorgeous quality and feel so soft. The embroidery is beautiful too. I literally live in the tops and sweater, I will definitely be buying more asap!

The tote bag is so cute, I've used it virtually every day since it arrived!

I am very happy with my haul and can't recommend these small businesses highly enough. They are all businesses I will definitely order from again!

Until next time,
Saph x

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