Monday 9 November 2020

October Book Haul

I have been on a book-buying ban for a good few months now. I genuinely can't remember when I started it but I do know that the last book I bought was on my Kindle during the first lockdown. But I have recently acquired some new books and I really wanted to share them with you!

Book number one is the Pi**ed off Parents Club by Mink Elliott. I'm actually borrowing this one from my sister! I spotted it on her bookshelf and immediately knew I had to read it.

First time Mum Roxy feels perennially pi**ed off. She and her partner Jack have left London for a new life in the village of Riverside, with their ten month old daughter Joey. But their new house resembles a building site and Roxy is struggling to cope with parenthood. With no family or friends to turn to for help, she sets up a club in order to meet like-minded parents, and so begins The Pi**ed Off Parents Club.
I'm expecting to find this really funny, and quite relatable!

Book number two is Letters To My Past by Grace Hemphill. A rather lovely friend of mine! Grace actually bought this herself for my birthday and I honestly thought that was so hilarious. You may remember I have only recently got into reading poetry - lots of people I follow on Twitter are poets! - so this was a book I've been dying to get my hands on! I'm also after Thoughts of a Depressed Human by Grace.

Last but not least; I received this book from Gail for my birthday! Bring Me to Light is actually written by someone I now feel I can call a close friend! I met Eleanor Segall through Grace a few months ago, and I only recently found out she'd written and published a book! I immediately added it to my Amazon wishlist and I genuinely squealed with joy when I opened my gifts from Gail and saw it!
Eleanor Segall's life was beginning. And aspiring actress and a family girl, she never thought her future would be derailed by mental illness. After a spate of depressive episodes, panic attacks and social anxiety, Eleanor found herself in The Priory at the age of sixteen. The diagnosis? Bipolar disorder.
But Eleanor didn't let it stop her for long. Now a successful blogger, journalist, and pillar of the mental health and Jewish communities, she writes about finding recovery and hope after being unwell.
Her story of picking herself back up again and surviving against the odds will resonate with many - and it can help you find that light in the darkness too.

I honestly can't decide which book to read first! I wish I was one of those people who could read multiple books at a time...I think I'll start with Grace's poetry.

Until next time,
Saph x

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