Friday 13 November 2020

Diary Entry #9 | Be More Me Update

It's now been a week since my Be More Me Plan & Haul went live, and I started implementing some of the changes. Within three days I was feeling so much better about myself!

The first thing I did was change my hair. Well, I used my shea hair mask to pamper myself and then switched my parting from a side parting to a middle parting. I immediately felt so much cuter, less worried about my roots and it seems to be hiding my thin patches well! I definitely still need a trim and some layers added in though. I actually used my black root spray for the first time on Wednesday and it looked awful! I think I may have been better off getting a brown, or just not buying dye at all because I have genuinely been fine with my hair colour since moving my parting! If only I had known before!

I started working out regularly. Or at least getting some form of exercise in. I have actually started making TikToks of the process to keep me motivated!

I have also noticed a huge difference with my teeth! I've been using the teeth whitening strips once a day and I've genuinely noticed so much difference already. The only problem is that I have patches of white on them now. Generally they are getting lighter, but if you look close you can see patches of white and that's just as annoying! But I do have another week's worth of strips so we shall see where they are at then! They do seem to be worth the money so far though, I will probably buy them again, and I may do a full review of them too.

Phase Two

Phase two of my plan is to cut out fizzy drinks, chocolate and biscuits from my diet once again. I always find this has the biggest affect on my weight so I know it works! I did manage it for about four weeks back in the summer so I know I can do it, and I'm determined to stick to it for a bit longer this time.

I also desperately need to work on my sleeping pattern. Despite being tired I find myself writing this at 00:15am. So from now on my phone goes off at 9pm and stays off until my human alarm clock wakes me up in the morning! I'm also going to try out some different sleeping tablets.

Keep an eye out for more updates!

Until next time,
Saph x

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