Monday 30 April 2018

Goodbye April

April Round up 
May is just around the corner and April was all kinds of crazy. Also the longest month ever?! I finished my counselling sessions, which is mostly a relief but I'm kind of going to miss them. I'm not completely convinced that she always read me totally right but I enjoyed my bitching sessions with her. Charlie hit a whole bunch of milestones and I was an emotional wreck. I also didn't even remotely hit any of my goals

I kind of lost weight. The scales read exactly the same now as they did at the beginning of the month but I can see a difference, and have been able to for a while. I'm mostly putting that down to no longer drinking tea. I used to have up to five cups of tea a day, usually with 2-4 sugars and a ton of milk. I have also been working out more regularly this month, and even got back into using my favourite app for home workouts; 8fit. I still need to work on drinking more water though. I also barely even left the house, let alone went for daily walks. I don't know why but anxiety seems to be taking over again, and it's really hard to leave the house now, except to go to Tesco or The Range. 

I still spent too much money (cons of having to buy my own groceries now) and I didn't quite read to Charlie everyday. Okay I got nowhere near to reading to him every day, but I did read to him! 

My slow living/single tasking kind of flopped, although I was able to take some time out for myself and just relax with a good book over the course of a few days. I loved being able to read again, I think that's only the second book I've read since having Charlie and I almost forgot how much I enjoy it. Plus I did make a conscious effort to stay off my phone sometimes.

A month or so ago, I spoke about how Mum's moving out and I'm renting the house from her. That's still happening, however, my sister and nieces are moving in! I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm also disappointed that Charlie still won't be getting his own room for a while yet. I don't think I'm quite ready to live alone anyway to be honest, as much as I love my alone time, I do get lonely quite easily. Plus I hardly ever see this sister, so it'll be lovely to hang out with my big sis on a daily basis!

- Lose one stone 
- Complete a 31 Day Minimalism & Simplicity Challenge 
- Read another book

Only a few goals this month! Although my first two goals are pretty hefty ones; and I'll be blogging about these separately and in more detail. What are your goals for May?

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