Tuesday 1 May 2018

Fitness Goals for May

Last month, I feel I made a pretty good start on losing weight. I still didn't get my daily walks in or workout as much as I said I was going to but I'm definitely getting there. This month I want to step it up a notch, and make a definitive plan towards losing my first stone. I even got myself a little health planner from The Range to help me along.

Go swimming 
I finally bought Charlie a swimsuit and swim nappies last month, so I'm determined to take him swimming this month. I really wanted to have lost weight before I took him, but I think I'm just wasting precious water-baby time by doing that. There's a swimming pool literally minutes away from Mums caravan, and all four of us plan to use it soon. Plus if we all go together, we can take turns in having Charlie while we go for a proper swim and get some decent exercise. 

Hit 10,000 steps daily
I would love to actually go for walks every day but sometimes I'm so busy at home that it just isn't feasible. I have noticed that I can manage up to 5,000+ steps if I stay at home, but I want to be able to get that up to 10,000 steps, whether I leave the house or not.

Start yoga 
I adore yoga, and I would love to incorporate it into my fitness regime. I usually struggle to get my 10 minute workout done before Charlie demands my attention but I'm determined to start doing it at least once a week this month. 

Work out 4-5 times a week 
I usually start off pretty well, but then something messes up my routine, I struggle to get back to working out and before I know it I've accidentally had seven days worth of rest days. This needs to stop. 

Cut out chocolate 
Or at least reduce how regularly I have it. I actually cut out tea last month, which caused me to notice a huge difference in how I looked and felt. That means I've cut out a whole ton of sugar and cows milk from my diet, but chocolate is my real downfall. I literally crave it every day so I usually go a day without it, but then buy a load the next day! I'm planning on cutting it out for at least a week this month, and then gradually build it up from there. 

Keep a Food Diary/Meal Plan
I've umm'd and ahh'd about this for a while, and have started them before but I think it would do me some good to actually see what I eat in a day, and then see what I need to change. Although honestly it's less chocolate; more fruit and veg!
I can't wait to see what progress I make, and see if this planner actually helps or not! Although I love that it also has a section for monthly goals, and mini goals.

Do you have any fitness goals? 

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