Monday 7 May 2018

10 Items a Day Declutter | Update

I recently posted about a different approach to decluttering I wanted to take and how I'm going to be a bit more honest about it, and only list items I've actually removed from the house and/or binned. In March, I had some new furniture put in my bedroom, which meant turning my room upside down and finding a whole load more stuff to either find a home for, or get rid of. Here's what I got rid of over the course of 7 days.

Day 1
I got a bit carried away on day one and actually binned a total of 17 items!

4 makeup brushes
I don't use them and couldn't be bothered to clean them

1 bottle of foundation
way out of date/barely used/unlikely to be used

1 tube of concealer
see above

5 sachets of conditioner
Not actually binned but given to Mum to take to the caravan

1 empty can of dry shampoo
I didn't know it was empty, otherwise I would have binned it a long time ago

2 lipsticks
I had two others in similar shades that are better quality

1 lipgloss
It was clear and I don't use it anymore

1 makeup bag
it was seriously old and a bit gross tbh

1 face mask sachet

Day 2

1 chest of drawers
I don't fully know if this counts because I replaced it with a new one but it still left the house so..? It was broken and long overdue being dumped.

1 out of date bronzer

1 old glasses case

Day 3

1 print
1 photo frame and print
2 love letters
All from Ash and long overdue getting rid of

2 broken toys of Charlie's

Day 4

1 vivarium tank
1 thermometer/heat mat
1 handling bag
1 hiding cave
1 disinfectant bottle
1 unopened bag of Aspen bedding
I recently got rid of my beautiful Royal Ball Python, Nyx (SOB, I MISS HER) but still had some of her old bits and pieces hanging around. I put it all on Shpock as a bundle, and a couple of days later, I sold it. I'm still broken hearted, but I also have £30 to go towards something I'm saving up for.

Day 5

4 frames
1 mug
1 dress
10 Items of baby clothes
These were all sold at a bootfair. Extra £4 something for my savings, and a bit for Charlie too!

Day 6

1 pair of tights with holes in

1 (single) scratch mitt
No doubt the other was eaten by Luna

1 bottle of glitter nail polish

Day 7

1 notebook
I didn't throw it away, I actually gave it to Mum. I think notebooks were the only thing I've been properly honest about within my decluttering posts but I still have a ton. Although I haven't actually bought any recently; other people have bought them for me!

1 book

1 broken bottle of eye serum

1 pair of boots
I've worn them to death, they're no longer waterproof and they give me blisters. In the bin.

1 magazine

1 out of date leaflet

1 used up notebook

Trying to get rid of 10 items a day was bloody hard. I didn't even manage to get rid of any of this in seven consecutive days. Admittedly I do get distracted a lot and decluttering isn't my main focus now I have Charlie (it was a LOT easier to declutter while I was pregnant) but I also feel pretty proud that I got rid of a fair bit in April.

58 items down, hundreds more to go!

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  1. What a great way to declutter! I love decluttering too. It just gives such a feeling of space. I may enter this challenge as well. I also remember seeing a ted talk about this once? Did you happen to see it as well? :)

    1. Yes I think it's been my favourite challenge so far! I actually haven't! I found this on Pinterest hahah I meant to include the link in this post.
      Definitely give this a go! Xx