Friday 11 May 2018

Old English Company Haul*

Even though I'm trying to be a minimalist, there's just a few things I can't resist adding to my collection. Homeware, prints and stationery to name but a few. When The Old English Company* got in touch, I trawled their website for hours, adding things to my basket and whittling them down one by one to my final favourite products. It was probably the hardest thing I've done in a long time. 

I cannot resist stationery. There were a few things from Old English Co. that caught my eye but I thought I'd be sensible with how much stationery I got, and just opted for the A5 planner in blush pink. It's sooo prettyyyy. 

I'm getting quite bored of bullet journaling now to be honest, I don't use it the way I used to. But this planner is the perfect replacement, as you can date each page, and it has ready-made bullet points for each task. I also love the little note section at the bottom of each page, that's going to come in pretty handy! Plus the 380 pages should keep me going for a long time! 

As I'm soon to be renting the house from Mum (along with my sister and nieces) I wanted a couple of bits to style up the kitchen a little. One thing I couldn't resist was this sweet little tea towel. 

Hopefully, we will live happily ever after hahah! We've all been through some stuff this last year (last few years really!) and we're all looking forward to this fresh start, and I think having this tea towel on display will reflect that. 

Another thing for the kitchen is this bread board. I didn't need a bread board, I've never even wanted a bread board but for some reason, I just had to have this one. Honestly I might not even use it, I might just have it hanging up somewhere!

I love a good print. Just like notebooks, I struggle to resist a print if I like it. Now Charlie isn't having his own bedroom anymore, I wanted to create a space in my room that is specifically his...but also matches my decor. This Rebel in the Making print was just too perfect, and I loved that it could be personalised! 

It also comes in various colours but I opted for the classic black on white. 

I'm going to frame it, and have it hung above his cot. Out of reach of course! I'm thinking it would be a perfect prop for his birthday cake smash photoshoot too. 

Last but not least, I really wanted one of their pins. I used to have quite an extensive collection of band pins, but I've grown out of band-based fashion now to be honest. I had a scroll through their impressive pin collection and narrowed my 'wants' down to three. Mama, Mother and Mama Bear. I actually really liked the style of the Mother one, but I'm less of a Mother and more of a 'Mama/Mumma'! I decided to go for Mama Bear, as Charlie regularly gets called Charlie Bear, and any excuse to match with my boy. Plus, you know, it's pink.

I also had my eye on this The No Sleep Gang pin! Maybe I'll treat myself to it another time.

Thank you Old English Company for kindly sending me these lovely pieces! They're all so high quality; and I've definitely got my eye on a few other pieces for both myself, and as gifts.

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  1. All of these things are so lovely! Charlie looks adorable too xx