Sunday 1 April 2018

Hello April

2018 is just not going to plan so far. Every month I have made myself some goals, started off well and then just FLOPPED halfway through. To be fair, I have not been doing great physically or mentally lately but I'm starting to feel better again. I CAN do this, I WILL do this, I MUST do this. 

March actually started off really well. I was working out every sat, getting stuff done but then my mental health dipped and so did my physical health. I was in too much pain to work out for a couple of weeks so of course did lose any weight, let alone a stone. I did go away and have two lovely weekends in Sheppey though! I even got my blogging mojo back and wrote a ton of blog posts. 


Lose one stone 
You all know I want to lose the baby weight, I don't really need to go into detail with this. 

Spend less 
I don't get much a month but I always manage to spend most of it. I really need to start being more careful with my money and only buy what I or Charlie actually desperately need. 

Drink more water
I actually made a pretty good start on drinking more water in the last couple of weeks, so as long as I continue down that road, I'll smash it.

Go for daily walks
Even if it's just round the block, now the weather seems to be cheering up a bit I want to make the most of it before it gets scorching hot. It'll help me lose the weight too. 

Read to Charlie daily 
I really want Charlie to be a reader like me and everyone else in our family. My side of the family anyway, his Daddy isn't a reader. I started reading to him occasionally last month and he usually gets fed up quite quickly but I'm determined. 

Try slow living/single tasking 
Slow living is the 'art' of being less busy and taking time to enjoy the little things. I also call it single tasking. I plan on writing a full blog post on this, but I'm essentially/personally using it as an excuse to put my phone down more often.  

Persist until something happens

I'm excited to see what April has to offer. All good things, I hope. What are your goals for April? 

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