Friday 21 October 2022

The Body Shop Haul | Hair & Beauty

It's time for another haul! I was feeling a bit spendy the other day, and treated myself to a big body shop order - especially as there were a whole new bunch of goodies released! Plus I get a lovely discount as a consultant.

First things first; haircare! Typical really, I just treated myself to haircare specially for curly hair and then my boo body shop goes and releases some! Naturally I had to buy some of it. I got the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Cleansing Conditioner (shampoo) and the Intense Moisture Mask. I also wanted the Curl Activator but that sold out so fast! I absolutely adore the scent of it, it's nutty with a little bit of spice! I'm so excited to try it out. A bonus is that Body Shop is cheaper than Only Curls! 

I also got myself a bamboo hair wrap for gentle hair drying.

Body Shop released tons of new makeup! Eyeliner, mascara, lip balms etc. I had recently run out of liquid eyeliner so I decided to get the brand new Wake Up Call liquid eyeliner. I also got the new Natural Form mascara, both in black. 

I was really excited for the FreeStyle Multi-tasking colours. They're to use on eyes, lips and cheeks! They come in a huge range of colours and some are matte, some shimmer. I bought two; Born and Real, both are matte. Born is a lovely peachy-nude and Real is a deep red. I'm not sure if I'll use these on my eyes but I like that I have the option! 

I also bought the revamped All Day Long setting spray. It's a bigger bottle, hydrates your skin, keeps your makeup on all day and protects your skin from blue light! 

I also decided to get myself a new Fresh Nude foundation and Vitamin C concealer as mine are pretty old now! I love the new packaging, it looks so sleek! I also bought myself yet another matte lipstick in Osaka Plum because I cannot resist lipstick. It's a gorgeous and perfect for the colder months! 

Last but not least for makeup, I also decided to get myself a Fresh Nude Face Base powder foundation. I feel like this will be quicker to apply than the liquid foundation so I might find myself wearing it more often! I haven't used a powder foundation before so I'm excited to see how I find it.

I've recently been using the Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist to protect my skin from blue light. Drops of Youth has now been rebranded to Edelweiss (the main ingredient of DoY!) Obviously I had to get it!  

Last but not least, I got myself a coconut shower creme and a vanilla pumpkin bath bomb for Charlie.

I'm so excited to try everything out! If you fancy any of the above for yourself, please feel free to support me and use my personal website to order (UK only.)

Until next time,
Saph x

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