Wednesday 12 October 2022

Taking the Time to Recharge

I suffer with burn out quite a lot. Especially since buying a house and doing extra hours at work - I'm exhausted! From the day we completed, I spent over seven hours at the house, peeling off wallpaper, pulling up carpets. For the following two days I did 22.5 hours at work, then spent another two days chasing people up about house stuff and having appointments about the house, then I had another 7.5 hour shift at work the next day! I was shattered and needed some time to myself!

Come Thursday, I was struggling to wake up to get Charlie to school. I could have easily slept for a few more hours! I decided that I was going to treat myself to a nice bath after the school run. Thursday was my day to recharge.

Don't Make Plans
I'm glad I had the foresight to not attempt to make any plans for my day off and I made it quite clear to Josh that I would under no circumstances be going to the house this day. He wasn't thrilled at the idea as he wants everything done ASAP but he understood.

Have a Long, Hot Bath
I honestly couldn't remember the last time I treated myself to a nice long bath. I used a hair mask, face mask and even took my Kindle into the bath with me so I could make sure to have some chill time. After about an hour I got bored and decided it was probably time to get out. I wrapped myself up in a fluffy dressing gown and went to my bedroom to moisturise.

Don't get Dressed
*for as long as possible. Let your body breathe! I shut the curtains, locked the door and moisturised. Admittedly I didn't quite let it all hang out, I did stay in the dressing gown right up until I needed to get dressed to leave the bedroom. That's still an hour or two of freedom, which is a lot more than I usually get!

Catch up with Hobbies
I dedicated some of this day to blogging, reading and watching House. Well, I say watching, more like had it on for background noise while I blogged.

Catch up with Home Life
I'd been so busy that week, I feel like I was failing as a parent. I'd barely seen Charlie, I had no idea how he was getting on at school, I'd missed notifications about non-uniform days and forgotten to hand in a consent form. Luckily his teacher had pulled me aside this morning and got my consent for him to join in with a colour run the following day!
Once I was done relaxing, I did a bit life admin by checking the school newsletter and writing down any important dates, and then made sure I spent some proper time with Charlie after school! 
I also tidied up the bedroom a bit and made sure I was prepped for work.

Even just halfway through the day I felt so much better! I felt rested and re-energised. I still wasn't thrilled about the 15 hour shift I had ahead of me the next day but at least I had prepared my bag and didn't have a messy bedroom to come home to at 10pm.

How do you recharge?

Until next time,
Saph x

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