Sunday 2 October 2022

October Budget

Another month, another budget! Last month, I decided to put £1,000 from my wages into my savings and try to live on what I had leftover in my account. I accidentally stopped keeping track of my savings the last couple of weeks but I have to say, I didn't touch the £1,000 at all! I'm so proud of myself and I definitely want to try it again this month if I can. Let's see what my pay was like this month!

Income: £1291.92

Money in account: £2,378.15 (I moved the £1,000 back across just before pay day.)

Oof, my pay was so much less than I was hoping for this month. Not good at all. I decided to move the £2,000 back into my savings to see how long £378.15 would last me.


Rent: £80
Vodafone: £26.13
Credit Card: £130.40

I'm no longer saving up for Christmas so that's one less thing to save towards this month! I am, however, starting my Christmas shopping. I have already started actually, and so have £304 out of £400 to put towards the rest!

I have also decided to not include the £50 into my general savings account this month.

Total: £216.53

I have my Mother in Law's birthday, stepdads birthday and a few birthdays at work this month. I have already bought my stepdad a whisky marmalade which I'm hoping he will love. I believe there three birthdays in work this month and I usually put in a fiver for each. I also have a friend I want to buy a little something for but I'm not sure what to get him! Obviously Josh will mainly be buying for his Mum but I try to get her a little something from myself and/or Charlie if I can.

Total: £50

Food is probably the hardest one to budget for now, everything costs so much! I think I'll try £20 a week but I might have to start shopping around now, rather than relying on ASDA for everything.

Total: £80

So, not including Christmas shopping, my total budget for this month is £346.53. I have very little faith that that's all I'll spend! I'm also going to try and not use my credit card this month but we shall see.

Until next time,
Saph x

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