Wednesday 26 October 2022

Samhain & How to Celebrate

I am so excited for Samhain this year! Samhain falls on Halloween and is the witches New Year. Honouring our ancestors, our roots, our families and ourselves is the main theme for Samhain and we're encouraged to engage with the "Other Side." We also use the witch's New Year to recharge and rest ourselves.

How to Decorate Your Altar

  • roses, autumn leaves
  • skulls
  • squash, pumpkins, acorns
  • black, red, orange candles
  • offerings to loved ones who have passed over
  • death and moon tarot cards
  • crow figurines

Non-Ritual Ways to Celebrate
  • go trick or treating
  • midnight picnic in a cemetary
  • write a letter to deceased love ones and burn it
  • talk to the moon
  • visit a loved ones grave
  • wear black
  • carve pumpkins

Blessed be,
Saph x

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