Tuesday 4 October 2022

Four Ways to Make Your Home Winter Warm

Everybody loves a cozy winter home for the colder months, but it can be challenging to make interior decoration changes with rising energy costs and a tight budget. The good news is, it’s still possible; read on for some easy ways to make your home winter warm in the cold season.  

Heavy Curtains

About one-third of the heat generated in your home is lost through the windows, especially if you don’t have double or triple-glazing. Double glazed windows are effective, but there are also expensive leaving you in a bit of a bind. An affordable solution is to hang heavy curtains. 

Buy some cozy curtains this winter that are heavy and lined; these will trap most of the heat you generate, making your home warmer and reducing your energy bills in the process. Adopt a minimalist mindset and make your money go further this winter by hanging heavy curtains.   

Cozy Carpets 

Curtains are not the only way to make your home cozy this winter; carpets can make a big difference as well. When it comes to flooring, there has been a trend toward wooden styles in recent years, but carpets are still the best way to make a home cozy in the colder months. 

If you feel like a change in your interior style this winter, visit beautiful carpet & flooring. Browse from a wide selection of cozy carpets to make your home winter warm for the season. Carpets are the perfect way to enjoy the comfort of your home when it’s cold and windy in the streets. 

Knitted Quilts 

Okay, so your quilts don’t have to be knitted, but it does make them a little cozier. Knitted quilts are multi-purpose; they can be used on beds and sofas as throws or wrapped around your shoulders when you’re feeling extra cold in the evening. Knitted quilts are cozy and save money. 

Instead of increasing the thermostat this winter, use a knitted quilt to keep you warm; simply wrap the quilt around your shoulders and save on your annual heating costs. If you enjoy curling up in front of a Netflix show with a hot drink, you need a knitted quilt in your life as well.

Ethanol Fire 

When someone mentions an indoor fire these days, most people think immediately of the impact it is likely to have on greenhouse gas emissions. While indoor fires are not the main issue when it comes to climate change, it’s still sensible to reduce emissions where possible. With an ethanol fireplace, people can still enjoy the winter warmth of an open flame without the guilt of contributing to climate change. Ethanol is an extremely clean gas and a viable alternative to fossil fuels. An ethanol fire can bring some lovely winter warmth into your life.  


If you want to make your home winter warm this year without the cost, use some of the tips in the article. Small changes make a big difference when it comes to making your home cozy, so get creative before the cold weather sets in, and you can enjoy a season of cozy comforts.

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  1. Quilts and blankets are my favourite for keeping warm! Heavy curtains is definitely a good idea too, in my student house we have the thinest curtains :/ x