Friday 7 October 2022

Weekly Budget Recap | 28th September-2nd October

Another week, another spending recap! It was pay day last Wednesday, so let's see how much I spent by Sunday.

28th September
Pay day! I sent my MIL £80 for rent, £5 to my friend for our colleagues birthday collection and £6.79 round the corner shop for after school treats.

29th September
I decided to treat myself to a KFC on my day off. I wish I hadn't though, it wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be and my cats insisted that I share. The gravy pot had opened up so gravy was splattered everywhere. That was £15.86 I regret spending.
I had to go to ASDA and buy some top up food for lunches, an outfit for Charlie's colour run (plus an extra top) and a present for my MIL. I spent £115.40. After discounts!! I actually wanted to be physically sick.

30th September
I am now a key worker for one of my residents, which means buying things they need or would benefit from or enjoy. I spent £23.58 buying items from Amazon for two of my residents, which I will get reimbursed for but in cash.

1st October
This one really stung! I sent Josh £1,000. All will be revealed soon!

2nd October
No spend.

Well! I feel a bit sick after all that. It's only been a few days and I already only have £136.59 left in my current account. At least I have a bit of cash to use over the month as well, and don't have to just rely on my bank card.

Until next time,
Saph x

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