Monday 20 February 2023

Revamping My 5 Year Olds Room

I did it! I revamped Charlie's bedroom while he was away and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. I ended up spending £260 to do it, which I'm a little bit gutted about as I could have done without the big spends! But, it needed doing.

Unfortunately, I didn't have many photos of his room previously, and didn't think to take any beforehand. But you can get the gist of his bed from this photo from Christmas. This bed was such a nuisance! I don't care to admit how many times I hit my head on it. It's a low bed too, which meant between that and the bulkhead, he didn't have much floor space for playing. 

His wardrobes also desperately needed touching up with paint! My brother-in-law did the quickest paint job in history before the carpet was fitted, and it looked awful as it wasn't finished. That was the main item on my to-do list for that week.

First thing I did was completely empty Charlie's bedroom of toys and disassemble the bed. I did plan to declutter the toys first but I thought getting on with the painting was more important, so I just chucked everything into my gym room. I left the painting for the following day, as I was waiting on new paintbrushes to arrive! 

Josh put Charlie's new bed up for me Wednesday night, and then it was just a matter of getting his lightshade up (finally!) and putting some toys back in there. I absolutely adore how his room looks now, and I'd feel happy for him to invite friends round to play now! 

So, cost breakdown.

Paintbrushes: £5.97 Amazon
These brushes claim to have no fall out and I can confirm; no bristles fell out while I was painting! This isn't an ad but I definitely recommend them if you're planning on doing some painting in the near future. 

Midsleeper bed: £200 Argos/Habitat
I chose to get Charlie a midsleeper, as I really wanted him to have a little play den. Annoyingly, a few days after ordering, I saw someone put the same one up for sale on Facebook for £90. Plus his Dad has a midsleeper currently in storage so I actually spent a good chunk of money when I didn't need to. I did get £40 off though so I can't complain too much.

Z bed: £38.90 Amazon
I wanted to get a z bed so Charlie 1. Had a comfy seat in his den and 2. had a ready made bed for any future sleepovers and 3. I had somewhere to sleep next time he's poorly and he doesn't want me leaving his room. I saw tons of gorgeous patterned/themed ones but they were all £50+! I decided on a plain grey one so we can keep it for years as nobody will grow out of it. Plus it sleeps an adult too so definitely no growing out of it! 

Large Minecraft Storage Chests: £16 Studio
So funny story about this one. just one chest is £16. Bit excessive I know, but it's (unofficially) Minecraft and I know he would love it so I thought sod it, yolo. So imagine my surprise when two arrived! I even rechecked the Studio website and it definitely doesn't say it's a two pack! Someone messed up but it worked brilliantly in my favour.

There's still tons that needs doing to it - I need to get him a bedside table at some point. Josh also wants to get in there and build him some new cupboards and maybe make some drawers himself. In the meantime, I'm going to keep an eye out for some cheap - or free - drawers. I also need to get his photos and his homemade calendar put up soon.

Charlie is absolutely thrilled with it though and got so excited when he saw his new bed. If you'd like to see the before and after in more detail, I did make a short series of the revamp on TikTok!

Until next time,
Saph x

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