Wednesday 1 February 2023

January Recap & February Goals

January has been a hell of a month. It started off pretty well, I was doing well with my habits and getting a good amount of exercise in. Then it all went south. I can't remember what came first; my depressive episode or my illness. I'm pretty sure it was depression. Then I got hit with the worst tonsillitis I've ever had and I just...stopped, for two weeks. I also quit my job, but I basically got pushed out of it. So yeah, January has been FUN.

As far as my goals, I didn't do too horrendously. I got as far as getting a new photo for my provisional licence but the form I need to send it off with has disappeared! I'm hoping it'll turn up in the next couple of days. During my week off I went out for lunch with a friend, and Josh, Charlie and I spent the weekend at my Mums. I got to see both of my sisters as well which is rare!
As I said earlier, I started so well with my new habits but getting ill and depressed soon put a stop to that! I'm feeling a little better now (tonsils are still massive though) so I'm thinking I can get started again this week.

My favourite thing about January was the fact that I finally got the undercut I've been wanting for like a year! I popped into the salon after taking Charlie to school, purely just to ask if anyone there could do it, and an hour later I walked back out with it done! I've never had a stylist say she can fit me in that quick before! She also gave my hair a trim and I left feeling like a new woman. I am tempted to go back soon and the other side done as well...

February Goals

Start Exercising Again
I'm slowly on the road to recovery, and I would love to start getting back to my exercise routine and start taking my vitamins again.

Declutter/Decorate Charlie's Room
Charlie's bedroom is getting on my nerves at the minute. It's a mess where he's got too many toys and not enough space for them. During half term, he's away with his Dad for the whole week so I'm determined to use that time to declutter, finish painting (maybe) and just generally try to make his room a bit nicer.

Read a Book
I picked up two books from a charity shop last weekend, so as it's Valentines and they're both romances,I'd love to be able to read at least one of them this month.

What are your goals for February? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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