Friday 6 January 2023

How to Complete the Perfect Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Home improvements are an excellent way to make your property a more pleasant place to live. Working on creating the perfect home for you and your family can be a labour of love. There is no doubt transforming a property to match your tastes and needs is no easy task. However, despite all the hard work, the result of all of your efforts is guaranteed to be worth the time, money, and energy you ploughed into making them happen.
When working on improving your entire house, you will find that some rooms are easier than others to complete. One room that many people put off renovating is the bathroom. Remodelling a bathroom is a task that often fills people with dread. The idea of all the disruption and expense a bathroom makeover can cause may be enough to put many people off. The average cost of renovating a bathroom is several thousand pounds, even higher if you buy a luxury bathroom and have it installed. However, a bathroom renovation project does not need to be highly expensive or stressful. Here are some top tips to help you complete the perfect bathroom makeover on a budget:

Set a Spending Limit
One main reason that renovation projects often become expensive is that there is no budget in place. Establishing a spending limit for your project will enable you to manage your costs more effectively and prevent spending from spiralling out of control. Having a clear idea of how much you can expect the project to cost from the beginning will help you avoid many nasty surprises along the way. When setting your budget, do not forget to factor in the costs of essential materials. Products such as RIW toughseal perform a vital function, so you need to ensure that you do not skimp on buying them.

Don’t Change Everything
While it may be tempting to rip out the entire bathroom and start again from scratch, this can seriously increase your spending. There may be parts of your bathroom that do not need replacing at all. If you have a plain white bathroom suite, you can save significantly by changing the taps and fixtures rather than replacing everything. Buying the bathroom suite, ripping it out, and installing the new one is extremely expensive, so avoiding these costs equals big savings. Sticking with your current bathroom suite will allow you to spend more on areas of the renovation that will make the most visual impact. More expensive decorative accessories, luxurious floor and wall tiles, and impressive fixtures are all possible when you make savings

Pay by the Job
One final tip to help you makeover your bathroom on a budget is to pay tradespeople by the job. Agreeing to pay by the hour or the day can mean that having taps installed or tiles fitted becomes an expensive task and your costs are unknown. Instead, paying by the job will ensure you know your costs upfront and can factor them into your budget.

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  1. Fantastic advice! We're about to do a bit of a kitchen make over, so I'm going to put these tips into that as well!