Sunday 1 January 2023

Goals for 2023

Happy New Year! 2023 is upon us and this year I'm determined to make something of it. I'm attempting SMART goals this year! Normally I just make some goals and maybe I complete it, maybe I don't. This time I've actually made myself a plan to achieve those goals by the end of the year!

Get my Driving Licence
Step one: update my provisional licence. I've actually already done this one with my address, but I also need to update my photo before February.
Step two:  book theory test
Step three: begin studying for theory test.
Step four: book/start lessons! I'm tempted to go with AA.
Step five: book practical test. I've heard that they're booked up until April, so I've got plenty of time to practice!

Get Fit/Lose Weight/Improve General Health
Step one: Take multi-vitamins daily
Step two: Drink 1-2 bottles of water daily
Step three: Track it all either online on in my journal
Step four: Add fruit and/or veg in every meal
Step five:  Create a work out routine I love

Start Photography Again
Not on a professional level, but I would like to take it up as a hobby again. I've created myself a new Instagram account (personal one) and I have already posted my favourite photos I've taken recently.
Step one: Take more photos
Step two: Share photos online
Step three: Get a new camera, at some point
Step four: Look into a photography course, maybe

Socialise More
I don't really need steps for this one but I would love to socialise more in 2023! I want my diary full of fun, friends and family this year.

I've also decided my "word" for 2023 is Consistency. Consistency is the one thing I struggle with so this year I'm determined to stick with it! 

What are your goals for the new year?

Until next time,
Saph x

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