Friday 15 July 2022

Weekly Budget Round Up | 28th June - 3rd July

I feel like I haven't been tracking my spending habits all that well this year, so I thought this month I would try a weekly budget round up! It's definitely going to help me see how I'm spending my money and what I need to change. I haven't included my savings or what I owed people, this is literally just to see how I spend after that.

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On pay day I went out to Maidstone with a friend. We went to The Range and TK Maxx, then ASDA cafe for lunch. I paid for our lunch, which came to £16. On the same day, I also went to the local village shop to get Charlie some snacks and a drink to have at the parents vs teacher football game at his school. Before the football match, we also went into the schools cafe where I treated Charlie and two of his friends to a Slushie. The following day I ended up buying myself a Subway for lunch! Sunday after a long shift at work, Josh took me to the Mcdonalds drive through where I ordered myself a double cheeseburger meal and Josh a chicken legend.

Overall, not a great week for my food budget! I spent £50.31, which took me over budget by £20.91.

Misc. | Credit
I decided I was desperate for new jewellery, and ordered myself two chokers, a chain, hoop earrings and an anklet from my favourite jewellery small business; Shop Fairy. There's a chance she's closing down which I'm absolutely gutted about, so I wanted to get a decent order in before she decides to close! I spent £68 on my credit card.
I also spent £31.75 in ASDA on my credit card, but except for a cute shirt, I cannot for the life of me remember what I bought!
Overall I spent £99.75 and have £100.25 left on my budget for the month.

Misc. | Debit
The same day I went to Maidstone with my friend, at the last minute in ASDA I spotted a Blippi tracksuit. Charlie absolutely loves Blippi and I couldn't not buy it for him! It was £15 which made me cringe a bit but the look on his face when he saw it was so worth it.
That week I also made an Amazon order. I ended up buying myself a new card holder/wallet thing. Josh has one and it's so much more convenient to carry around rather than my ginormous purse, I had to get one! I even got a discount on it, so it was £19.19 rather than £24. I also bought some Clever Fox planner stickers. I really didn't need them, but I just couldn't help myself. I would have bought a lot more but I just about stopped myself!
I paid £5.99 for a subscription to an app I use to keep up to date with Charlie's school. I have to pay for certain features, but I have decided to pause the subscription until November as I don't use the features enough to make it worth paying for! I will cancel completely come November.
I also got scammed out of £52 which I'm not going to go into but for the sake of being open and honest, I thought I'd mention it. It's my own silly fault and I'm absolutely fuming with myself!
Spent: £138.16

While I was making an Amazon order, I picked up a Princess themed activity book and a pack of felt tip pens for Charlie's friends birthday. I spent £8.69, which considering I budgeted £10, isn't too bad!

I'm not sure how I feel about my spending this week! I'm pleased I saved £1.31 on the birthday presents but I'm also disappointed that I spent £159.07 that I didn't really need to spend! I was also a bit shocked to see that I spent nearly £100 on my credit card in one day. That being said, my stepdad bought a photo day experience off me for £79 so that boosted my bank account a little this week! I'm glad I decided to do this weekly recap, it has definitely made me reconsider my spending habits this month! 

Until next time,
Saph x

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