Monday 25 July 2022

Lammas & How to Celebrate

Lammas, a.k.a Lughnasdh, is named after the Celtic Sun god Lugh and marks the beginning of the harvest season. Lammas falls on August 1st and is celebrated with feasting, games and song. We welcome in the impending darkness and prepare for Autumn!

How to Decorate your Altar
  • Gold, brown, burgundy candles
  • Dark red and orange crystals like citrine, carnelian, tigers eye and amber
  • Sun tarot card/ Sun imagery
  • Poppies, sunflowers, marigolds
  • Grains, wheat
  • Gold, yellow, orange, brown ribbons or cloth
Non-Ritual Ways to Celebrate
  • Wear Lammas colours (see candles & ribbon colours above)
  • Bake fresh bread
  • Nurture yourself or loved ones
  • Journal
  • Give thanks for the bounty ahead
I'm on holiday for Lammas this year so I'm not sure if I'll be able to decorate my altar before I go! I'll certainly try, though it probably won't be much different from my Litha altar. I need to go shopping! I am excited to celebrate though.

Blessed be,
Saph x

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